HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER – Poker games are one of the many types of online gambling games that are most sought after and most often played for online betting, poker gambling is a prima donna among online gambling players and online poker is one of the online games whose concept is taken from conventional poker games so the rules and how to play are exactly the same.

It’s just that online poker is played via a smartphone or computer, while conventional poker is played directly, the popularity of poker gambling games has attracted people’s interest to share in it and now there are poker games that intend to really get into the world of online gambling, which is to seriously become a player. professional online poker.




Professional poker players mean that they take the world of poker seriously and take over the field of card gambling and make poker a source of livelihood, currently in Indonesia there are several people who have become professional poker players. Making online poker a livelihood is a fairly risky choice, if you are still not proficient in online poker if you are already proficient in poker then this profession is actually quite promising, you can get a fairly stable income just by doing the activities you like, namely playing poker. online but of course only people with strong intentions and earnestness can become the masters of online poker professionals.

But it must be remembered that all kinds of gambling are prohibited, therefore playing online poker is the right solution with all conveniences and can be accessed anywhere is a plus, so choose a trusted online gambling site so that all data and security are guaranteed and you get a lot of money. advantages and convenience.


If you are one of those people who are interested in exploring the world of online poker, and intend to become a professional player. So here is an interesting review on how to become a professional poker player.

1. Learn More About Poker

To be able to become an expert in the field of online poker, you must start by learning all things related to online poker, this is of course very important as a basic requirement to become a professional player and you also have to follow the development of the world of poker gambling, learn strategies and tricks. the latest tricks that can be used in poker betting games.

2. Practice diligently

After learning a lot of things about poker, then you have to put into practice what you have learned it will be useless if you only learn it without practicing it in the real game, therefore it is very important to practice diligently and practice will make your playing skills even more increases, not only that but your poker playing instincts will also be sharper and this will certainly be very useful for becoming a professional poker player.

3. Mentally strong, never give up

To be able to survive and achieve success in the world of online poker requires hard work and unyielding, a professional poker player does not succeed immediately but from the beginning they enter the world of online poker of course they also often experience defeat but they do not give up and continue to practice to improve. their ability and instinct to play, so that in the end they can become professional online poker players. The point is that being mentally strong and willing to work hard is the main capital to be able to become a professional poker player.

Those are some interesting reviews on how to become a professional poker player, hopefully they can help and add insight and by using the method above you can get closer to your dream of becoming a professional player.…


UNIQUE FACTS OF SLOT GAMES – Online slot games are indeed familiar to the public, games that also provide many advantages for anyone, but not many know about the facts of this one slot game, therefore in this article we will discuss what are the unique facts about slot games that will surely make you more fond of this one game.






In essence, the peak of the development of the slot game was around 1979, when this gambling game came to the casino world and provided huge revenues in jackpot prizes and existing odds, because this game has been around for a long time so that it finally exploded in cyberspace.

In Indonesia itself appeared around 2001 and became one of the pioneers in the development of online gambling and agent websites that are able to bring in various types of slot gambling games, of course not fake sites because the original site will be full of many impressions and officially make gaming fairer and now please see the real evidence of slot game gambling that people rarely recognize below:

  • Online Slot Machines Never Use Algorithmic Transitions In JackpotsOne of the evidences that many people believe is that there are online slot gambling machines that use an algorithm that makes the jackpot appear after several spins when in fact online slot machines always apply fair-play gaming, where each round is played it is possible to get the jackpot and re-examine after one round. , there is no such thing as a jackpot arrangement after several rounds until now slot game gambling is a very fair-play game for everyone to taste.
  • Online Slot Machines Provide the Same 50: 50 Win/Lose Chance MechanismIn the evidence revealed, this online slot machine gambling has real evidence, namely the chance of winning and losing in each online slot machine is the same so there is no experimentation and things are controlled, everything is pure and the agent as well as the admin cannot control the members’ wins/losses, everything has been programmed in such a way by game developers to be played fairly and without the same manipulation.


  • Play With Chips Or Player Card Mechanisms, Same Chance to Lose/WinThere is no comparison between the chances of playing using the coin and player cards mechanism, all have the same chance of losing and winning so that it is not true if there is a statement that says if playing with player cards has a higher chance of winning, it is clearly not true from all claims. from slot machine makers and online slot game developer site owners all over the place.
  • VIP Members And Newbies Have The Same Opportunity And No PRO ID AccountsA website that offers a pro ID, so look at what the slot machine is playing, in online gambling games, the legitimate online slot gambling website never sells the so-called VIP member and the matter of having a pro ID that has the ability to win is getting bigger, this is rejected by many slot developer sites /slot agent if they only make the same ID and have the same chance for each member.
  • Online Slot Machines Are Not BOTs Or AdministeredEach online slot machine prepared by a gambling website that has worked together with the game developer faction, all of the machines are gambling websites that have a great opportunity in gambling games, where the developer site does not give special rights to the agent website to destroy and change the direction of the game, admin rights what is intended is only for the process of adding members and there are no buying and selling transactions for iD pro, that’s clear, isn’t it? Each agent must be able to master the game with superior quality and cannot participate to enter the game of some of its members.

That’s an article about unique facts about online slot games that you must know, hopefully it can help and add to your insight, especially for beginners who just want to start gambling online slots and don’t forget to play on trusted online gambling sites.…


LATEST SPORTSBOOK PROVIDER LIST – Sportsbook betting is indeed familiar to the public, now in this article we will explain about the latest online sportsbook provider choices that you must know, there are 4 sportsbook options that are very suitable as a place to play for members who like betting betting. ball.





It is undeniable that a site or online soccer gambling agent can continue to run because of member royalties on the website, but members will also get a commensurate benefit if they win bets, which are certainly on official and trusted sites.

4 choices of online sportsbook providers in Indonesia:

These four sportsbook providers have many similarities in how to bet, minimum bet values ​​and may only differ in terms of appearance but still each sportsbook provider does not have the same appearance and can only be chosen by members.


  1. C-Sport
    A subsidiary of CMD368 based in Malaysia, CMD368 or C-Sport has long existed in the Indonesian market and they have also won the market in China and obtained an official license from the fair play organization First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation in the Philippines. For the minimum bet on the c-sport platform is only 10 thousand rupiah, members can already gamble on soccer bets and to play mix parlay the minimum bet that must be bet is 10 thousand rupiah for a minimum of 3 teams.
  2. S-Sport
    The betting platform from SBOBET which is already familiar, SBOBET or S-Sport has become the most popular soccer betting platform since 2004 and has also received an official license from First Cagayan, Philippines. The minimum bet on S-Sport is 10 thousand but to play mix parlay the minimum bet is 25 thousand and the SBOBET or S-Sport display is still the same as before there is no permanent change in the blue and yellow orange colors, for old players they may be re-installed on the SBOBET platform because of how it looks.
  3. I-Sport
    Coming from an IBCBET subsidiary or which has changed its name to SABA Sport, collaborating with SABA Sport or I-Sport is even stronger because members can place bets on 2 teams at once, on the SABA Sport or I-Sport platforms, members can only bet on mix parlays 2 teams.
  4. O-Sport
    A platform from Mansion Gaming, officially licensed from First Cagayan, the O-Sport platform also provides mix parlay bet types for 2 teams, the same as their rival platforms above, but for display, please choose for yourself for members because only members themselves can see which which is more suitable for use as a place to play.

That’s an article review about the list of the latest sportsbook providers that can be your alternative for playing online soccer betting, hopefully it can help and add to your insight about the biggest sportsbook provider.…


HISTORY OF BANGKOK CHICKEN AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERISTICS – This type of chicken is certainly familiar, especially for lovers of fighting cocks, as the name suggests ‘Bangkok’ this chicken does come from Thailand which has been recognized and has good quality as a fighting cock, has traits that can fight to the death similar to wild chickens who are able to fight to defend their territory.

According to history, the Bangkok chicken originated from the Thai people who managed to find a new rooster called King’s Chicken which has fast movements and deadly punches and is special when fighting its brain ability to walk, this chicken by the Chinese is called Leung hang zhao and the Chinese state as the State which is very popular with cockfighting activities looking for chickens to be crossed with Bangkok chickens, it is hoped that these crossbred chickens can overthrow Bangkok chickens from Thailand. Finally, in 1960, a fighting chicken strain was found that was able to compete with Bangkok chickens, but due to continuous crossbreeding, the difference between fighting chickens from Laos and Bangkok chickens was barely known.





Initially, Bangkok chicken entered Indonesia and was introduced for the first time in the country, namely in the city of Tuban, East Java, but it is not clear who first introduced Bangkok chicken from Thailand, but what is certain is that until now Bangkok chicken has spread throughout Indonesia and so popular among lovers of fighting cocks.

Many Bangkok chickens from Thailand are cross-breeded with local hens so that most Bangkok chickens circulating in the community are descendants of Bangkok chickens whose appearance is not much different from the original Bangkok chickens.

According to Wibisono, based on the pattern and color of Bangkok chicken feathers, there are 7 kinds, namely:

  • Wiring: Its basic color is black with rawis feathers and a reddish-yellow tail.
  • Wangkas: Its basic color is almost the same as the rawis, which is reddish yellow.
  • Klawu: Characteristics The basic color is gray
  • Blorok: Characteristics of the basic color of fur is stupid from a collection of various colors such as black, red, and white
  • Jragem : Characteristics The basic color of fur is black
  • Jali: Characteristics The basic color of blirik fur which is a mixture of several colors with small stripes.
  • White: Characteristics of the basic color of white fur



The General Characteristics of Bangkok Chicken are:

  • The body size is large and looks sturdy standing almost about 90 degrees and the chest looks dashing
  • Fur color varies as described above
  • Eyes look bright
  • Long neck
  • The comb-shaped roes and wattles are short and red
  • The long and thick beak is yellow
  • Feet look round, dry, and neat yellow scales
  • Adult male weight 2.5 to 4 Kg


HISTORY OF LOTTERY GAMBLING IN INDONESIA – Togel is an abbreviation of toto dark which is currently developing into 2 versions of the game, namely online and offline which raises many pros and cons in Indonesia itself, gambling is indeed prohibited.


The lottery game in Indonesia until now has a controversy behind it, many people reject the existence of this game because it has more negative impacts, the history of lottery in Indonesia itself has gone through a long journey, this lottery game first appeared since the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia, the entry The lottery game in Indonesia at that time was started by visitors.

Although it is not known when and who introduced this game, it is certain that foreign traders who came to Indonesia brought this game, this reason was because the culture of the people at that time did not know Roman and Latin letters as stated in the lottery coupons. .

The existence of lottery at that time was also identified with nightlife and Dutch taxes, the withdrawal of this gambling tax was based on the need for Dutch cash which was sufficient to attract taxes in any case including lottery and gambling, during the Dutch rule which at that time wanted to create a union state system, the general of the Indies The Netherlands at that time even had rules regarding gambling.

At that time they regulated the lottery game system as part of entertainment and the money market, all parties could play it here, during the reign of the Dutch East Indies, this game was legalized and allowed to be played by all groups, be it nobles, natives, or colonials themselves. By participating in playing lottery, people’s interest in lottery games continues to increase along with the development of the lottery itself, so this game is widely found in remote villages and has become a low-class folk game.





Since independence, the Indonesian lottery game has received little attention from the government, games that use negative bets are seen as games that have an impact and are detrimental, Indonesia, which was newly independent at that time, had a goal to improve things.

Under Soekarno’s leadership, the lottery game was prohibited from circulating because this game was considered to damage the nation’s morale so it had to be abolished, through Presidential Decree No. 114 of 1965 which states that all forms of lottery gambling are considered illegal because they are considered to damage the “morality of the nation’s children”.

This policy then made many gambling houses forced to close, Soekarno really did not want gambling and lottery games to circulate in the community, even though the people at that time still played the lottery in a clandestine way and not long after Soekarno stepped down from the presidency, the government was held by Suharto and during the Suharto leadership kept many policies that were quite controversial, one of which was the legalization of gambling and lottery.

At that time Suharto through his policy of allowing people to play lottery through lottery coupons, the lottery was again played and the system was regulated by the regional government and the central government, but in this era lottery does not sound like a gambling game even though it is the same in nature, lottery is run not as a lottery but sports coupons prizes that are licensed by the government therefore this policy is quite critical of those who do not agree with all types of gambling.

Despite receiving various contra opinions, this policy has been running for quite a long time, the coupon lottery that was in effect at that time was SDSB or generous donations with prizes, besides that there was also a forecast lottery and both of them had something in common, namely buying lottery coupons and being able to get prizes from the coupon.

This policy arose because the state needed substantial funds in handling social and sports, the lottery circulating at that time had a high enough interest in various remote areas, the benefits obtained from this policy were very large so that the government was able to reap the benefits of this lottery. up to billions of rupiah and the distribution of lottery profits that were circulating at that time was then distributed to the social sector, sports, and several other departments.


The policy of legalizing lottery itself has also occurred in several regions, through regional policies that lottery games are allowed to be played with certain conditions and the areas that have legalized gambling and lottery games are DKI Jakarta and Surabaya.

The Surabaya local government at that time wanted to hold PON as the host, the funds needed were quite a lot so the government had to twist their minds to get large and fast funds, around 1968 they issued the Lotto or Totalizer Lottery, this type of lottery is almost the same as the current lottery. This was circulating and the lottery that was marketed was in the form of lottery coupons that were in demand by the public at that time, the profits obtained from the sale of Lotto were very profitable and were able to cover the lack of funds for organizing PON.

Long before that, the governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, had implemented a policy of legalizing gambling and lottery in his area. According to him, gambling and lottery were able to provide quite high taxes as regional income, thanks to this tax, Jakarta was able to carry out development quickly, this policy certainly saves a lot of opinions. pros and cons. Many parties have asked for this policy to be abolished because it will make people addicted so that many also support the existence of this game because it is considered profitable.…